Albums and Downloads

As an acknowleged authority on all things concerned with the Lancashire dialect, Sid Calderbank has recorded a number of CD albums. Issued by Cock Robin Music, often in association with ‘Lancashire Garland’ they offer the listener a comprehensive experience of the differing approaches to this dialect tradition. Some of the albums relate to the Prepared Talks cited on the ‘Talks about Lancashire’ page. A full list of Sid’s audio CDs are listed below. Please note that some of them are now no longer available.

Please contact Sid if you wish to buy any of the available CDs. They are all £11 each which includes postage and packing. Look at the Contact page for further details.


eawr folk

EAWR FOLK – Sid Calderbank accompanied by Joy Hunter and Julie Procter

A CD of ten songs, poems and readings of prime Lancashire Dialect.

The Edenfield Scrolls

A series of monologues written by Robin Parker (ex-Mayor of Rochdale) and recited by Sid chronicling the history of Edenfield (with tongue very much in cheek!)

The Poets and Poetry of Victorian Blackburn

A live recording from March 2011 at Mellor Brook Community Centre of a necessarily short trip through the lives and works of just some of Blackburn’s 19th century poets and authors.

Jone O’Grinfilt – The Song of the Century?

The Life and Times of Lancashire’s most celebrated C19th Ballad, told as a chronology in words and song by Sid.

‘Gooin’ up wi ‘t’ Layrocks! (Sorry – no longer available)

17 Songs and Poems from Sid – Live and Studio recordings.

The Lancashire Cotton Famine (Sorry – no longer available)

The Story of the Darkest Days of the Lancashire Cotton Industry – 1861 to 1865
Sid is joined by Mike Bartram, Mark Dowding, and Mary & Norman Wilson

A Lancashire Garland (Sorry – no longer available)

A Celebration of Lancashire Dialect Writers
Sid & Liz Calderbank with Mark Dowding

An Afternoon with Edwin Waugh (Sorry – no longer available)

A Live Show by Sid, with Mark Dowding, of a performance given by Waugh to a Literary and Scientific Association in Ilkley in 1875