Talks About Lancashire

In order to experience the Stories, Songs and Poems and the richness of the Lancashire dialect, I present a series of Prepared Talks which are of one to two hours duration. These have been prepared over years of studying the best texts from the Lancashire tradition. Authors and Poets of the stature of Waugh, Laycock and Billington are accessible as themed talks on the following subjects. A CD recording accompanies many of these talks and these can be viewed on the Albums and Downloads page.

Talks By Sid Calderbank

A Lancashire Garland

The History of Lancashire in song.

The Lancashire Cotton Famine

How we survived the American Civil War.

An Afternoon with Edwin Waugh

A faithful recreation of his concert on October 5th 1875 and a tribute to Lancashire’s most respected and prolific 19th century author.

Jone O’Grinfilt – The Song of the Century

Tracing the development of Lancashire’s most successful street ballad.

Love and Romance in Victorian Lancashire

Humorous tales and poetry from the authors of the time.

The Poets and Poetry of Victorian Blackburn

The lives and works of over 50 local authors

Cracks from a Cobbler’s Seat

Tales from Old Euxton brought back to life!


  • “An accomplished performer of Lancashire Dialect songs, stories, and poems. His work is meticulously researched, brilliantly performed and often very humorous.”
  • “The best speaker I have heard , on any subject, in the last 5 years.”
  • “A breath of fresh air in the folk scene”.
  • “The highlight of my festival.”
  • “He left a lot of happy people behind him.”